Editing a journal for emerging museum professionals

Back in September 2015, I applied to be a sub-editor on a proposal journal for emerging museum professionals under the auspices of EMPNZ. Not long after, the group came back to me and – instead of sub-editing – asked if I’d consider the position of co-editor, alongside Te Papa’s Tamara Patten. I accepted, happily, and we’ve just put out a call for submissions for issue 2 of the journal, entitled Tauhere | Connections.

Why another museum sector journal?

There are undoubtedly already some great publications to which museum-sector professionals in New Zealand can contribute. However, the EMPNZ group felt it would be useful to provide a publication platform, not tied to any specific institution, which is specifically for emerging or mid-career folk.

Who can submit?

Early and mid-career GLAM professionals, or students in relevant fields, can build up their publication portfolio by submitting pieces in English or te reo Māori. These include everything from academic or research-based articles to features, reviews, opinion pieces and more.

Why Tauhere | Connections?

As a bicultural nation, we felt it was important to represent two of New Zealand’s three official languages (the third being New Zealand Sign Language) in the journal’s name. There was a lot of discussion about the right words to use, finally settling on Tauhere and Connections. These words reflect what we feel is an essential part of any GLAM professional’s career progression, namely making connections – from reaching out to visitors, to shaping relationships with colleagues, to networking across the sector.

How to submit

Tauhere | Connections is currently accepting submissions for Issue 2 (you’ll find Issue 1 here). The theme is Whaiwhakaaro | Reflections and the deadline is 3 October 2016, with publication lined up for November 2016. To find out more about how to submit, click here, or for any questions, comments or feedback on issue one, contact us here.

You can also follow Tauhere | Connections on Facebook and Twitter.


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