Suggested reading: curating your online presence

Earlier this year, I was asked to deliver a workshop to emerging museum professionals, looking at curating an individual online presence. I jumped at the chance, despite the fact that I didn’t have an established online presence myself. I knew how it worked, but I had always been content to be more of a lurker than an actual participant.

So, in the run up to the workshop, I made myself an online presence. I established a Twitter account and updated my LinkedIn page. I also created an Instagram, but have yet to really get into updating that on a regular basis. This site came later, with the finalisation of my decision to leave my job and go freelance, but is still part of the online presence I’m developing.

When figuring out what I was going to say at the workshop, I did a lot of reading about the dos and don’ts, how to clean up a not-so-stellar online footprint, and plenty more.

Here are five of the pieces I found most useful:

  1. How to Clean Up Your Online Presence and Make a Great First Impression ( – I really liked the step-by-step approach of this piece, which is filled with relevant links to help you complete the recommended actions.)
  1. Manage Your Online Presence (DePaul – I came across lots of similar articles created by universities, but liked this one the most. The dos and don’ts are clear and concise, and there are some good tips on how to build your profile further down the piece. Not just for students.)
  1. How to curate your social media presence when job-hunting ( – this looks at both ‘offensive’ and ‘defensive’ strategies for curating your online presence. I found useful tips in both section.)
  1. The Jobseeker’s Guide to Cleaning Up Your Online Presence (SocialTimes on – this is an infographic. I’m a big fan of those, and found this one easy to follow, with plenty of actionable information.)
  1. 7 ways to build your online presence now ( – this article is accompanied by a more detailed PDF, which can be downloaded free of change. It looks at tracking, or ways to tell if what you’re doing is actually working, which is useful as it can be hard to know where to start with so many metrics available.)

I also hear that The Digital Mystique: How the Culture of Connectivity Can Empower your Life—Online and Off by Sarah Granger is a good read, but I haven’t gotten around to it myself. If you have, I’d be keen to hear what it’s like, or any other useful resources you’ve come across for developing or maintaining an online presence.



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