New job, new post day

I missed a post last week for the first time since I started posting regularly on this site. It was part post-election fatigue and part getting ready for a short break in Wanaka.

Then, on Monday, I started a new job. That means I now have two: one is 18.75 hours of admin, the other 15 hours of social media development. The latter is the new position – new both for me and for this particular school within our local university. It’s an exciting opportunity and I’m stoked to get stuck in.

It also gives me a great excuse to read (and then post about) a bunch of social media-related books, such as Marketing with Social Media: 10 Easy Steps to Success for Business by Linda Coles (thoughts coming soon).

From now on, I’ll be changing my posting day from Thursday to Friday, as Friday afternoons have become my main freelance/writing time. Next Friday, I’ll be posting some thoughts about the interpretation-related experiences I had at Warbirds and Wheels and at the National Toy and Transport Museum in Wanaka. The toy museum had Sylvanian Families and and Irish Barbie… it was pretty magical.


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