Recommendation: Buffer’s Complete Social Media Checklist for Writing Winning Posts

This week’s post was supposed to be about museum interp in Wanaka, where I spent the weekend. However, it snowed on Saturday morning, and instead of visiting the toy and transport museum as planned, I sat in a hot pool while the snow fell, ate a croque monsieur, and did a lot of crossword puzzles.

So, instead, here’s a quick social media-related recommendation for anyone creating content.

The Complete Social Media Checklist for Writing Winning Posts by Kevan Lee on Buffer provides a list of 12 questions to ask yourself before posting to social media. I like this piece as it lists all 12 questions at the top of the post, but then goes into each of them in much more detail. Additional links to further readings and resources (not all on Buffer) are provided, alongside screenshots and specific recommendations.

I found the post length and frequency recommendations particularly helpful, along with the reminder to check the URLs in social media posts actually work and go where they’re supposed to. Something that might seem like a no-brainer, but if wrong will really annoy users.

I love a good checklist – I use them to focus my thoughts as I work towards a specific outcome. I usually start a list for myself for each freelance job or project I work on. This helps me to keep track of each task that’s required and gives me something to check off along the way, providing a clear view of what else needs to be done.


That’s it for today – just a super quick recommendation, but something well worth checking out if you’re writing social media content for your business or professional profile.







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