Project Planning – Developing a New Travel Website

One of my previous jobs was to develop content for a hostel booking website, creating PDF guides, videos, podcasts, and more. Since moving to New Zealand, I’ve done a lot of local travel in my new home, as well as one trip across the ditch. In the past year, I’ve started to think more and more about ways to use my previous experience to share my ongoing adventures. This has led my friend and I to decide to start a new travel website. Launching later this year, it will combine our love of travel with our shared interest in general geekery.

We’re keen to do this right, and make the project something we can sustain going forward. To that end I’ve been doing one of the things I do best – planning. First up was the creation of a ‘business’ plan, which is basically just a document that looks at what we aim to do, who we’re talking to, and how we’re going to achieve this.

I used Canva to create a plan, customising one of their free templates with our own colours and images. It is proving useful to have something visual to refer to when discussing how we’re going to move forward with the site and related social media. The document encompasses our “big idea”, which keeps us on track. There are so many things we could do, but having this idea in place helps us to stay focused on what we should do to stay true to what we want to achieve.

Though I won’t go into specifics yet, the plan covers the following:

  • Our mission
  • Our audience
  • Our tone
  • Our themes
  • Our channels
  • Our delivery.

We’ve picked four main themes, and each piece of content that goes up on the site will fit under at least one of these. Using four themes will ensure the site is easy to navigate and content is easily identifiable. Going forward, we may add some sub-themes, but these will also all need to first be linked to one of the main themes.

In terms of delivery, the main priority was to secure a domain and hosting. We picked Bluehost, and will be building the website using We’ve also chosen a WordPress theme. My next steps will be to download the free version of the theme and have a play around to see how it works in practice, and ensure it’ll work for the different content areas we’ll be covering.

We’ve picked a custom font for the headings and will have to use a plug-in to get this to work with the theme. As we move further down the track, I hope to do a post here looking at some of the different plug-ins we’ve ended up using, and why they work for what we need.

We’ve also selected a colour scheme. When considering this, we did have a few colours in mind, but used Coolors to test them out beside each other and find alternatives.

A sample palette from Coolors

A sample palette from Coolors

Though the font and colour scheme is picked out, we’re not sure how to translate that into a logo that can be used across the website and social media platforms. Luckily, a designer friend of mine is keen to help with some logos and icons.  We’re stoked to have a talented creative involved to ensure a polished and usable finished product.

I’ll post updates as the project continues. It’s exciting to have something like this to work on, and I’m looking forward to getting it ready to share.

What projects are making you happy at the moment?


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