My Writing: Science Into Action projects page, 2017 edition

Last year I wrote about one of the first big freelance jobs I’d gotten, namely creating a project page for the Science Into Action website. This Otago pilot of the Participatory Science Platform is still going strong, with a raft of new projects funded this year.

I’m stoked that they’ve asked me work on the site again, this time creating pages for both current and completed projects, writing text to showcase the work being doing by each of the projects, and freshening up some of the other content around the site.

The projects cover a vast spectrum of citizen science interests, from the effects of sugar on kids’ teeth to the quality of the water in the Manuherikia River. Members of the community can get involved in heaps of different ways, which was an important point to highlight in project summaries.

Hopefully the Participatory Science Platform initiative will continue here in Otago for the long term – certainly seems like it’s leading to some interesting, useful, community-based science.


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