Trying out shutter and bulb modes

Shutter speed was one of the things we covered in my photography class last week. We learned a lot, including some tips for how to use this mode in darker conditions, which will be useful for interior and dawn/dusk/night photography.

If you want to use a fast shutter speed in dark conditions, freezing any movement in the frame, this requires a higher ISO and smaller aperture number. While if you want to use a slower shutter speed, showing the movement in the fame, you need a lower ISO and a larger aperture number.

We also looked at focus modes – and it took way too long to figure out that the relevant button was on the front of my camera – looking at single servo, continuous servo and auto modes. The advice was to keep it in auto until you’re sure what you’re shooting and then changing the focus mode based on the effect you want. For example, on my camera, when capturing action shots, I set the dial to C (continuous auto focus).

I started off by taking some images in the building, but then went outside to try different ways of capturing movement when not under fluorescent lights. These are some of my favourites from both inside and outside (even if the inside shots are a bit too dark – my white balance definitely needs more work).

We also learned how to shoot in bulb mode, which I can access on my camera when in manual shooting mode. Bulb is really useful when trying to shoot long exposures – I’m looking forward to trying it on some of the local fireworks come Guy Fawkes day later in the year. In class, we used it to do some light painting, and here are some of my favourites.

I ended up getting a couple of glow sticks of my own, and I’m going to pester someone at home into waving them about for me tonight, so I can get some more practice in before class.

On Wednesday, we have the first of two sessions focusing on getting our photos from the camera to the computer and then editing them. I’m getting heaps out of these sessions, and I’m already considering the follow-on class.


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